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About the organisation

So what do we do? We provide mentorship through sport that will grant girls the chance to develop and excel. The idea is to develop women’s soccer and create initiatives dedicated to empowering and preparing the future. Yes She Canada created its first initiative Winter Soccer Event in 2017 and will be hosting its fourth consecutive event this year. There are both national and professional players present and is an opportunity for young girls to get some insight on their journey’s. It is also encouraged to give back to the community and there are nourishments collected that have gone to the charities: United Way and Knights Table. Our hope is to continue to grow this event in order to help create an environment for young girls to believe in themselves, while giving back to local communities.


I am calling on all girls,

You have an obligation and that is to fill yourself as much as you can. Fill yourself with knowledge, hope and self-confidence. Only you can spark that passion, whatever it may be: sports, science, dance. The world needs you and is waiting for what you have to offer. My goal is to be an example for all females that when you put your mind to something and put in the work, nothing can stop you.

As a young up and coming athlete, it can be difficult to believe that you can reach your full potential. There have been many sacrifices and moments of joy that I hope to pass on. Soccer has granted me a lot of opportunities such as traveling the world, learning a new language and getting a degree. I am grateful to have had positive role models and mentors throughout my journey that made an impact on my life. My hope is to do the same for the next generation. It’s important to know there are resources available and Yes She Canada is about reminding all girls that anything is possible.


Short term

There is a lot of deception when it comes to women in sport and the more, we can have those hard conversations, the easier it will be to ignite positive change. The Winter Soccer Event is an annual initiative created for this exact purpose. This event forms the connections between national and professional athletes with aspiring girls. We must show them the importance of self-belief and to chase after their dreams, no matter what. The other element of the event is the charitable side: proceeds are collected and given to charities that aid children and families in need.

Long term

The key is to start from grass roots and create connects between professional players and aspiring girls. Yes She Canada will continue to develop events and initiatives catered to promoting and growing women’s soccer.

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